Our team

In this section of the website, we would like to introduce you to the people behind our brand. Find out more what does the family means to our team members, what motived them to join the WolliMolli team, and what would they like to wish for families worldwide?

Sandra. The Co-founder of the WolliMolli. 

Family, for me, means security, support, and shelter for good and bad times. The idea about developing the WolliMolli brand emerged approximately six years ago when I became an aunt for the eldest sisters’ son. During that period, I noticed parents’ anxiety and questions related to the baby’s comfort level while wearing clothing under ever-fluctuating weather conditions. After discussing those questions within the team, we started working on delivering the products that are created by high-quality materials, which have thermoregulation properties, are ergonomic and has a minimalistic design.

Developing WolliMolli enabled us to support parents with ensuring baby's comfort level while wearing knitwear clothing and to empower talented artesian women from Latvia, providing them with a beautiful platform to do what they love the most.


Zane. The Co-founder of WolliMolli.

Family, for me, means love, care, support, and security. I decided to join the WolliMolli team and support Sandra in a brand’s development because I have always been excited about accepting new challenges, I embrace being different, and I love to create handicrafts.

WolliMolli is a space that provides an opportunity to create knitwear for our youngest customers.

My message for families is that love, care, support, and a sense of security are the factors that ensure a happy life. Children who are raised in an environment like this will be able to maintain these values in their future families as well. Each loop of the stitch in our knitwear captures our team’s warmth and love towards the work; however, the alpaca yarn, which is used in the knitwear development process, will provide additional support for you in ensuring the best care for your baby.


Baiba. Knit artist at the WolliMolli team.

For me, family means love, compassion, and support. I joined the WolliMolli team after Zane approached me. Zane and her family were a great support during a challenging period in my life.

My message to all the families out there is to protect one another and to be gentle and honest with each other. Although today family as an institution is slowly diminishing, it is my strong belief that there is nothing more important than being together and being there for each other.


Vizma. Knit artist at the WolliMolli team.

Family, for me, means warmth, support, and security. I decided to join the WolliMolli team because before that, I created knitwear for my family members and relatives, and joining the team that creates knitwear for babies was a brand-new challenge and a beautiful opportunity for me! I wish love and harmony for all the families world-wide.


 Lidija. Artesian in the WolliMolli team.

Family for me is my closest and the most beloved people. They are people who will always support me in any life situation. I decided to join the WolliMolli team because I love designing knitwear, and the possibility to work for the company seemed like a wonderful opportunity to express my talent.

I am always grateful and happy to receive positive customer feedback on my created knitwear. WolliMolli garments are sustainable and thermoregulatory, which is an essential factor for adults and especially babies.


 Linda. Photographer at WolliMolli.

I joined WolliMolli because of the warmth, tenderness, and handwriting in the team. The work of the team brings hope that everything beautiful which is crafted by hands can be passed on to others, keeping them warm trough the craftsmen invested work.

My message to families that are wearing WolliMolli garments is to appreciate the value of handcrafted knitwear, which will keep the tiny baby feet warm and to save the high-quality clothing with a story for the next generations.

My wish for families, in general, is to take care of each other, to “take care” of the family wellbeing thermoregulation in the same way as alpaca wool does it. Develop memory loops, which will never be forgotten and never overlook sharing the stories!


 Santa. The brand developer of WolliMolli.

Family for me means unconditional love and support, and it is the most influential union that has ever existed in the World. I decided to join the WolliMolli team because of it's shared values, team's enthusiasm and brand's aspiration to deliver high-quality knitwear to support families worldwide.

My message to all the families around the World and those who are wearing WolliMolli knitwear is to love each other and appreciate every moment spent together. I wish all families to use the opportunity to connect and spend quality time together; it will create beautiful memories that will never fade away - sending love and best wishes from our family to yours!