Our story

Hello there,

We are thrilled to see you discovering the world of WolliMolli. We would like to warmly welcome you by sharing our story and by introducing you to our team in e-person.

About WolliMolli. 

WolliMolli is a sustainable children's fashion brand that originates from one of the greenest countries in the world - Latvia. WolliMolli considers itself to be a sustainable brand, because with its existence it aspires to empower Latvian women who are operating in the artisan sector and support parents in minimizing concerns which are related to the baby clothing choice and their children’s comfort while wearing it, especially today when the weather conditions are rapidly changing. 

Our team stands for family values and traditions. Together with our team we are developing and sharing for parents’ relevant content through our blog platform and across WolliMolli social media channels. Our aim is to provide an additional inspiration and ideas for parents on the family time management and reconnection with  loved ones despite today's fast lifestyle pace.

Our team strongly believes that Family and it’s well being comes first, always and forever. 

The Beginnings. 

WolliMolli's story started three years ago when the founder of the company and her twin sister became a full-time aunt for the eldest sister's son - Emil.

The participation and support in their nephew's daily upbringing allowed them to gain an insightful understanding of the parents pivotal role and also allowed us to recognize the most commonly raised concerns among parents such as, “Is my baby comfortable in the clothing he or she is wearing? Isn't it too warm, cold for him or her?”

This challenge became the focus of WolliMolli's existence. In our product development process, we have collaborated with fashion industry professionals and a talented artesian team, which is led by an experienced technical director. It has helped us to bring highly durable, ergonomic, anti-allergic and thermoregulatory baby clothing to the market 


It is important to note that the products of WolliMolli are handmade with love by our artesian team, that consists of highly talented moms, grandmothers, and aunts.

Why choose WolliMolli garments?

Finest materials used in the knitwear development. WolliMolli products are made of the highest quality alpaca wool, which is thermoregulatory, hypo-allergic, and stain-resistant.  

Knitwear that is made in addressing baby’s comfort. In our product development process, we closely collaborated with parents, addressing their concerns and needs. WolliMolli knitwear products were developed by a highly experienced team, who has a proven record of expertise in the clothing product development.

Sustainability. WolliMolli values are focused on the team's well-being aspect and enterprise’s sustainability throughout all operations. WolliMolli is standing for women empowerment and family well being. 


The WolliMolli team stands for young families and parents. Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job in the World. And we are here for you. We are developing our products and focusing all our efforts to support you fully - starting from providing the finest baby clothing to sharing inspiration and tips for  quality family time. We are here for you to answer any of your questions, and you please be advised that your concerns, questions are very important and valuable for us. You can count on us.