Founder Spotlight: Interview with WolliMolli co-founder Zane

Today’s blog post will be dedicated to Zane Beitere - Šeļegovska, the Co-owner and Technical director of WolliMolli. Zane is the creator of the brand’s clothing design and is also leading our wonderful artisan team.

Zane started knitting when she was only 4 years old, and learned it from her mom. In her childhood, she created clothing for her toys, either by knitting, crocheting, or sewing and after that, she started designing it for herself.

Since childhood, Zane's superpower is the ability to ”read” knitting patterns from already developed knitwear. For instance, in her childhood after seeing someone wearing beautiful knitwear, she was able to recreate it for herself. Zanes' mother believed that this talent is inherited from her grandma.

According to Zane, knitting WolliMolli products helps her to relax and creates positive emotions. She likes to see how the grey color palette interacts within the developed knitwear products.