Five wonderful craft ideas to prepare during Advent time with your family

The most beautiful time of the year is here again, and we are less than a week away from the first Advent. Advent time is a period for the preparation of the Christmas celebration. Therefore, to make this time a truly memorable experience in terms of Family quality time, the WolliMolli team has gathered five lovely and heart-warming craft ideas to create together with your loved ones.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas waiting time, and we are looking forward to your CRAFT creation stories. Please view the gallery of craft work ideas below the blog post.

1.Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft

This paper plate Christmas Wreath craft idea is unique and easy for kids to create. The whole family can be involved in its creation process, and it doesn’t require a lot of resources: paper plate, paint, green card stock, paper cutter, glue dots, scissors, and a stapler. You can use décor as an ornament for a mantle or doorknob, and it is an easy way to create a Christmas festivity spirit at home!

Instructions regarding the craft’s development process can be found here.

2. DIY Advent Calendar Inspiration

Advent month can’t be imaginable without the Advent calendar, which allows you and your loved ones to count days until Christmas with small surprises every day. There is a wide variety of craft ideas available for Advent Calendars, which can be filled either by little presents, sweets, or kindness and family activities to do together.

Please find DIY Advent Calendar inspiration can be viewed here.

3. Santa Searchers Christmas Craft

Santas Searchers Christmas Craft idea is easy to create and will bring fun and magic while waiting for Christmas. Christmas games can also accompany the DIY Christmas craft creation, for instance, searching the Santa Clause, printed Christmas elves, or small surprises hidden in the house. We believe that this is a great craft for younger kids because it will contribute to creative development, and most of the supplies for craft’s creation you can find in the house. Enjoy the search for Christmas magic!

More information on the instructions on how to develop craft can be found here.

4. Christmas tree card craft

Advent time gives us an excellent opportunity to express gratitude and send personalized cards to each other. The Christmas tree card’'s craft is a beautiful and personalized Christmas card idea for kids and family to create. Kids can decorate the cards by adding sequins or their fingerprints, they can also write a small Christmas poem or message inside the card.

Please find the instructions on how to make a craft here.

5. Holiday lanterns craft

To conclude, Advent is a celebration of light and hope, therefore we would like to share DIY Advent lanterns idea as our today’s last holiday décor inspiration. These lantern strands can be a Glowing Advent accessory for your house or a wonderful gift for Christmas preparation time for friends or colleagues. It is recommended that the project is developed by older children, because the wire cutters will be involved in crafts development process.

Please find instructions how to create Holiday lanterns craft here.


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